What Is Faithful Apologetics?

Faithful Apologetics is a ministry dedicated to using apologetics to help Christians grow in their discipleship training as well as grow in being able to better articulate the Christian worldview in their evangelism. Faithful Apologetics is also dedicated to serving the non-Christian as well by providing various resources that help clear up common/popular misconceptions about Christianity so that more fruitful dialogue can be had between both groups of people (the Christian and the non-Christian) and help us all to seek truth in finding answers to life’s big questions.

The resources found here at Faithful Apologetics will range from complete beginner to academic and will include the following types of resources:

1. Blog posts on important issues related to the truth of Christianity.
2. Video blog featuring links to the Faithful Apologetics YouTube page where videos with teachings on various topics (and eventually different video series) will be available.
3. Reviews section which will include reviews of important books, DVD’s, and reviews of important debates featuring prominent Christian apologists taking on some of the top non-Christian advocates representing various non-Christian worldviews.
4. Faithful Apologetics Dictionary and Terminology Page which will be an expanding and ongoing project. This will be a dictionary to help make discipleship training easier by providing a link/page jump to a specific word or phrase in an article on this site. If you come across a word in an article that is orange it will take you to that word or phrase’s definition on the Faithful Apologetics Dictionary and Terminology Page. This way you can look up the word instantly and grow in your terminology and vocabulary so that you can recognize that particular word or phrase when you start to use more advanced resources and helps.

Faithful Apologetics also plans to provide much more content and resources as we grow and expand to help meet your apologetic and discipleship needs in regards to the Christian faith. Thanks for visiting Faithful Apologetics!

-J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan)

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