J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan) teaching on The Importance of Apologetics at the Coffee House Service at Grace United Methodist Church in Raceland, KY on 07/19/2014.  The defense of Christian truth claims is very critical in the culture in which we live, so knowing the importance of apologetics is something I am very passionate about and I also know is my calling in the Lord.  I was given a great opportunity to speak on The Importance of Apologetics at the Coffee House Worship Service done once a month on an off-church night (Saturday) at Grace United Methodist Church.  Besides this opportunity to speak, my wife and I have been able to attend several of these services as well.  The services provide an extra opportunity to worship and also give those without a home church a chance to engage in worship and extend that into Sunday and Wednesday services at Grace United Methodist Church.  Pastor Phillip Nunley invites and welcomes all who are interested!  Comments and feedback on the teaching are encouraged and appreciated!  Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will find all of our upcoming video teachings! -J. Chandler Arnett III

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