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Welcome to the Site Overview and Navigation Page! Here I explain some of the features of the site and walk you through the menus to better help you while visiting Faithful Apologetics. The page is divided into two columns of text. On the right hand side of the page, as well as along the bottom, you will find different sections that are labeled as to what content you will find there. To the left of these sections, but in the center of the page, you find the five most recent posts that I have added to Faithful Apologetics, whether it be a recent written blog post (“written blog post” is fancy internet talk for a written article I have posted), a recent review I have posted, a link to the video blog, etc. Let me start by walking you through the different sections you can find on the right hand side of the page.

  • The first section is the “New To Faithful Apologetics? Start Here” menu on the right hand side of the page. This contains three other pages plus the page you are currently viewing:Menu_Start1. What Is Faithful Apologetics? This is where you can find a description of who we are and how we aim to help you here at Faithful Apologetics. This page also describes the resources that we have available as well as our goals for the future.
    2. About J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan). This page gives you information about me, the founder of Faithful Apologetics.
    3. Faithful Apologetics Dictionary and Terminology Page. This will be an ongoing project that aims at providing links within all of the articles to a word or phrase that may be unfamiliar to the beginner. While reading an article and you notice a word in orange, click on it. This will then take you instantly to that word or phrase’s meaning so that you can learn it and then go right back to the article you were reading. I plan on having them all listed in alphabetical order and I think this will be a valuable resource once it is grown and expanded.
  • Just below this are the links to Social Media where you can follow us on our Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel which will feature all of our video content.
  • Underneath of the “New To Faithful Apologetics? Start Here” is where you will find Footnotes from an article.  Instead of having the Footnotes at the bottom of the article and you having to keep scrolling back and forth between the top and the bottom of the page to read the Footnotes, they will actually appear in the side bar to the right of the article where the Footnote indicator number appears.  Below is an image of how it will appear if you are reading an article with a Footnote in the sidebar:


Also in the right hand margin you will find the following subscription form:

Faithful_Apologetics_Subscription_FormAll you need to do is add your first and last name as well as your email address and whenever new content is posted to the site you will receive an alert in your email.  This is the best way to keep up to date on all of the latest content!

Next, across the top of the page you will find links to the following pages and their contents:


  • The Faithful Apologetics name will take you to the Home Page, in other words, the original place you were at when you typed in the website name.
  • Blog Posts features all of the written articles posted here at Faithful Apologetics. This will not contain reviews or links to the video blog, but specifically the articles that are published on the main page. The main page features my most recent posts whether it be a review I have recently finished, a link to the Video Blog, or a written article. The main page will feature a mix of any of these types of posts and will list the most recent five posts. The link labeled Blog Posts will have a back log of specifically all of the written articles themselves (no reviews, video links, etc.) so you can go back and view them anytime.
  • Video Blog features a link to the Faithful Apologetics YouTube page to check out the latest video teaching or video series entry. Just as the Blog Posts link contains all of the back logged written posts, so this will contain all of the past links to the Video Blog on the Faithful Apologetics YouTube page.
  • Reviews features all of the reviews I have done here and features four categories: Books, DVD’s, Debates, and Box Sets. In each category you will find a back log of all of the reviews I have done in that particular category.
  • Tidbits From the Text is a section that will contain content that are Scripture focused and will contain a mix of content such as a specific Biblical topic (like faith and works), or even just my commentary and thoughts on a particular part of the Bible.

At the bottom you will find a mix of features:


  • Recent Posts will give you quick links to the most recent posts made here on the main page of Faithful Apologetics.
  • Recent Comments displays the most recent thoughts someone shared and it will display which post they commented on.
  • RSS Feeds (Rich Site Summary) will give you a way to sign in if you are an administrator or a contributor to the site.
  • Search This Site will give you the ability to search for anything on the Faithful Apologetics site. This could be handy in several instances. For example, say you saw an article/blog post you wanted to read, but were too busy to finish it. You then go back but the article has been replaced on the main page by all new content. If you can remember even part of the title such as a key word or phrase then you can go here and type in the word or phrase you are looking for and hit “Enter” to search this site. The search results will yield anything on Faithful Apologetics containing that word(s) or phrase enabling you to not miss out on the content you desire.

I pray this helps you find your way around the site as well as get a good idea of how the site functions. Also, check back often for the latest NEW content!  If you really want to stay up to date subscribe to this blog by entering your name and email in appropriate fields in the right hand margin.  This will enable you to receive an email alert when new content is added to the site!  I also pray you explore and enjoy all of the resources here at Faithful Apologetics!

J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan)

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