Book Reviews

This is where you will find reviews of important books which will benefit the beginner and the scholar alike. The books range in their content and scope.  We review books about the enterprise of apologetics itself, books about science, cosmology, morality, philosophy in general, great literary works, biographies, books written by Christians as well as non-Christians, etc.  To be good apologists, and also to be good Christians, we need to read widely and be informed about how the truth of Christian theism affects every aspect of life.  We pray this helps you achieve that in your own pursuits.

Debate Reviews

Here you will find our reviews of some of the best formal public debates as well as some formal discussions between the top Christian apologists and other non-Christian speakers.  Our hope here is to help you get better at discerning ideas and thoughts and being able to sift through what is said and refine your own discernment skills.

Reading the Bible…Literally?

Reading the Bible.  Simple enough, right?  From those of us who have been reading the Bible for years on end to the beginners among us, a great question arises: are we reading the Bible correctly?  What I mean is, have we really been doing the text justice by just...

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Faith and Reason: Friends or Foes?

Engrained in American culture is a particular meaning/conception of the word "faith."  Here are a just a few ways in which this concept is expressed: The same concept is also expressed in this way: Those quotes are from polar opposites culturally speaking, as the...

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God and Burdens Too Great To Bear

How many of us have heard (or maybe even used) the phrase, "Remember, God won't place on you more than you can bear?"  What is interesting is that while this phrase is wildly and radically popular, especially and unfortunately among Christians, it is nowhere to be...

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