On Guard Box Set
The On Guard Box Set (featuring the book, DVD companion and Study Guide) is marketed as an introduction to Christian apologetics. If you plan on going through On Guard by William Lane Craig and you really want to master the material, then I would certainly recommend the On Guard box set which includes three items:

1. On Guard (book)
2. On Guard Study Guide
3. On Guard DVD Companion

Click on each item in the list above and it will take you to the review I have written of that specific item. Since I have reviewed each of these items individually (the book, DVD and study guide) elsewhere this review will be concerned with all of them together as a set.

First I have to say that the items arrive in a sturdy and appealing package (see the image below).

On Guard Box

Just in case you get puzzled, the packaging has a picture of the products available related to On Guard on the back of the box as well as on an insert inside the box and they feature a white spiral bound book labeled “Leader’s Guide.” I thought when I purchased it that I had ordered everything they offered and yet I didn’t receive the Leader’s Guide. I called BIOLA University which is who I purchased it through. They informed me that this is something coming soon and that it is not available yet, so I signed up to get an email when it does become available.

Below are two reasons that make this box set a great value:

1. The money you save getting them all together versus buying them individually is wonderful! You save $12! Also, for me there is value in the packaging because as I have stated in my review of the individual items, it is handy having a box to keep them all in that will fit on my bookshelf. Anytime I use one of the items (the book, study guide or DVD) it seems I always need to have at least one of the other resources at the same time. In our small group study I bring my computer and this box that contains all three items, so it makes on the go teaching handy as well.

2. The second way in which I will try to demonstrate the value of the set will be in that all three resources in combination are highly recommended for the leaders (and the participants as well) of a small group study. I actually learned these arguments and this information from Reasonable Faith 3rd edition (which is a more academic treatment of the topics, as well as my favorite book by Dr. Craig!), because On Guard didn’t exist at the time. Having all three of these resources available would have helped me to progress in my learning of the material much quicker, however having gone through Reasonable Faith first meant I had a very more mature grasp of the material and helped me to answer questions as the group leader as well. To get the most out of it, I would recommend watching the DVD to preview the material for the chapter. Then read the preview of the lesson as well as the vocabulary from the study guide. Then read the chapter from the book and take notes on it, making sure you have the key points down as well as memorizing the argument and the supporting statements for each premise. I even made up some quizzes for our small study group to help reinforce the material.

My conclusion is that if you feel you need an introduction to apologetics then you seriously need to consider this On Guard Box Set. You get more value by buying all of the resources together. You also get three avenues of reinforcement of the material by reading it in the book, then getting helpful supplementary information such as vocabulary words/terminology from the study guide, as well as an audio/visual intake of the information through the DVD companion. You just can’t go wrong with this box set if you want to be On Guard!

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