Description of the Product
If any of you are already familiar with the helpful and unique One Minute Apologist segments you will recognize the host of the On Guard DVD Companion, Bobby Conway. Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Bobby Conway are both on a blue and white set (which matches the color scheme of the book) and Bobby interviews Dr. Craig and asks him questions, but it is different than a standard interview as it seems more like a conversation. This format is great as it seems like you are just listening in on them talking but as they go through their conversation they cover the high points of each chapter in the book On Guard. This DVD is especially helpful if one is leading a group through the book, but would also be very helpful if one is trying to learn the material as an individual as well since it will give you the repetition needed to make the material stick. Also, the quality of the DVD is incredible. I watched it on my HD Samsung television through my Xbox 360 with an HDMI cable. It is filmed in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio so it filled my whole screen without the black bars at the top or on the sides. While it is not a Blu-Ray disc, the quality is amazing and looks very near 1080P resolution (which is full high definition) since I used the HDMI cable.

The DVD is divided into 8 sessions. Session 1 covers chapters 1 and 2 from the book On Guard. The next sessions cover one chapter each until you get to session 7 which covers the material in chapters 8 and 9 of the book. The last session is session 8 and covers chapter 10 of the book. Each session covers the major highlights from each chapter and again is great for reinforcement of the material because some people learn just fine from reading the chapters in the book, but there are others who will learn the material easier by watching the video and this DVD companion gives you the best of both worlds as far as mastering the material. The DVD contains over 4 hours of footage. A great added bonus that was a great surprise to me was that in the menu there is a way to go the One Minute Apologist. This section contains every segment from the One Minute Apologist that Dr. Craig appears on! This is a great addition to this DVD.

Best Uses of the DVD Companion
This DVD is wonderful to use for individuals who really want to get the most out of the book On Guard. I think its major strength will be in the use of small groups who are going through the book and really want to master the material. In the past I lead a small group through the book and I incorporated this DVD into the lessons. At first I gave them a quiz over the previous week’s material that I made up for them to take. Then we would go through the chapter a section at a time, having discussion and questions as we go along. We then would watch the DVD companion to preview the next week’s chapter. So if we are covering the material for chapter 2, then after we finish that material we would watch the DVD to preview chapter 3.

Final Verdict
As you can probably tell, my verdict is 5 stars. Whether it be in the quality of the video, the conversational type format, the division of the sessions, etc. this product is certainly worth buying. While I highly recommend it for those of you who intend to lead a small group (or a large one for that matter) through the book, I also recommend it to those who are wanting to excel at mastering the material. If you want to start getting proficient at defending your faith then get this DVD Companion to On Guard by William Lane Craig, you won’t be disappointed!

Special Note:
I bought the On Guard DVD Companion as part of the On Guard Box Set which includes a copy of the book On Guard, the On Guard study guide, and this On Guard DVD companion. The cost for the entire package is $45, and in my estimation worth every penny! See my review of the book. When you buy all three together (book, study guide, and DVD companion) you get a nice looking box with pictures on it. I also use it to store the items together since when I use one of them I generally use a second so it is handy to keep them in.

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