Hello! Thanks for reading the first ever Faithful Apologetics blog post! I am J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan for short) and I started this site in the hope that it will function as a resource to help serve others in issues related to the truth of Christianity. I really pray that Christians and non-Christians alike will find this site to be a big help in their quest for the truth. It is very critical for Christians to not only be better prepared to engage in defending the truth of Christianity (which is what apologetics actually is, namely defending the faith), but to gain new skill sets (as well as grow more mature in existing skill sets) for serious discipleship and evangelism through the vehicle of apologetics.

Another goal is for Faithful Apologetics to serve as a great resource for non-Christians as well by providing articles and eventually video posts and other resources that help clear up misconceptions about Christianity and its claims to truth. I pray that it will challenge those of other worldviews to think critically about the foundations of what they believe in relation to Christianity and I pray they challenge themselves as to whether or not what they believe is true.

Faithful Apologetics will also serve as a platform for me to write about issues I think are important and try to help contribute to formulating and/or articulating a truthful, as well as rational, Christian response. I plan to have posts on various and assorted topics at first and then eventually (Lord willing in the near future!) video teachings on important topics.

I have also included a section called Reviews, where I will review either a book, DVD, an important debate, and even box sets (For example, a set including a book, DVD, and a study guide) and give my thoughts as far as what is positive or negative/true or false as well as why the content is important.

The section labeled Tidbits From the Text contains posts that are specifically related to some issue involving the Biblical text with the goal of motivating us all to dig deeper into the text, gain a better understanding of the text as well as gain a deeper appreciation for the Biblical text.

Please see the section marked “New To Faithful Apologetics? Start Here” in the side bar on the right as that is where you can find descriptions of what is offered here at Faithful Apologetics including a helpful Site Overview and Navigation page.  I plan on releasing new content (whether a blog post, video post, or a new review) about two to three times a week as time permits.  To stay up to date on the latest content go the last section in the right hand margin titled, “Subscribe To Get the Latest Updates From Faithful Apologetics!”  When you put in your name and email address you will then receive an email every time I post new content!  Again, I pray this site helps you to grow and serves as a great resource for you in your Christian walk!

Thanks again for stopping at Faithful Apologetics!

-J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan)

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