Faithful Apologetics articles feature a wide variety of content such as essays on current cultural issues, articles about philosophy and theology as well as response essays that challenge the assumptions of other articles written on various topics.



Faithful Apologetics features high definition videos that provide brief answers to tough questions as well as full public debates and everything in between.

Multiple Authors

Faithful Apologetics features multiple authors so as to provide not only frequent content, but quality content by having contributors who each specialize in different areas such as science, philosophy, New Testament studies, etc.

Wide Ranging

Faithful Apologetics aims to be wide ranging in scope.  We will feature content to help those who are brand new to Christian apologetics and the seasoned academic and anyone in between.



Faithful Apologetics reviews section will feature book reviews as well as reviews of current academic debates/discussions by your favorite apologists.


Faithful Apologetics will also place a high emphasis on discipleship, namely learning in combination with understanding why these seeming abstract concepts are important for everyday life.

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