About J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan)

I am J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan for short) and welcome to Faithful Apologetics! I would like to share with you some of my background.  I have been a Christian since February of 2002 and have been growing in my discipleship ever since. My grandfather, Dale Donahoe, really mentored me seriously in the Bible and theology (he was self taught because he always had trouble finding answers to questions he had regarding Christian doctrine and practice). We would spend hour after hour after hour poring over the Bible even going back to the original language texts using a Strong’s Concordance (as neither one of us knew Greek or Hebrew but were certainly aware of their importance). I credit completely my grandfather for my apologetic mindset. He never used the word apologetics, but he would always heavily emphasize having an answer ready for any questions that might arise when teaching the Bible, as well as trying to anticipate what questions people might ask. I am forever grateful and indebted to him for all of his love, companionship, and training in the Bible.

Sometime around the year 2005 I was introduced to a book Jesus Under Fire. I had heard a C. S. Lewis quote read from the book so I tracked down a used copy. Inside I found an article by William Lane Craig (whom I had at that point never heard of) where he ably defended the resurrection of Jesus as an actual historical event! He defended it so rigorously and logically using the methods of contemporary historians concluding that the hypothesis “God raised Jesus from the dead” is the best explanation of the historical evidence we have. I was simply blown away. This had a profound impact on my life as a Christian, and I started reading everything he wrote and started reading the work of people he quoted (Christian and non-Christian alike!). All these years later I am still growing and have completely dedicated my life to the study of Christian apologetics. I am married and have been blessed with an incredible wife, Lynn Arnett, who supports me in all of my endeavors for the Lord.

To serve the Lord responsibly in my call to become a Christian apologist I am seeking to go to BIOLA University in La Mirada, CA to start on a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy. I then want to go on to do Ph.D. work in philosophy on the moral argument for God’s existence, and possibly a second Ph.D. on Molinism.  My ultimate goal is to become a full-time Christian apologist by becoming a professional public speaker on issues related to morality and God’s existence as my specialty but also teach on general apologetic issues as well (such as the problem of evil, the historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, arguments from natural theology for god’s existence, science and religion, etc.).

I also have a strong desire to teach through writing books, publishing articles for journals, engage in public debate with the top academic non-Christians, give lectures, as well as train and equip local churches and congregations to defend and articulate the truth claims of Christianity.  The degrees I hope to earn will equip me to not only accomplish my long term goals and be a stronger apologist at the highest level I possibly can (as well as be closer to the Lord in my personal relationship with Him), but will also give me the necessary skill sets for helping equip others to be strong in their discipleship and evangelism through the vehicle of apologetics.  I pray Faithful Apologetics will be an expression of my journey towards those long term goals and that the quality of the content on the site will grow and improve right along with me.  I pray you enjoy Faithful Apologetics and that it becomes a valuable resource for your growing in Christ!

-J. Chandler Arnett III (Chan)