New To Apologetics?

If you are new to apologetics, or if you are curious as to what it even is, this section will guide you along.  You will find an introduction to apologetics as well as special sections to help aid you in this enterprise.  You will discover along the way what we mean by the term apologetics, that it is biblical to engage in, as well as the importance of apologetics in the Christian life.  


The Faithful Apologetics Blog features a wide variety of content from multiple authors ranging from up and coming apologists to top Christian apologists working in the academy today.

Tidbits From the Text

This section is specifically for those of us who are already Christians.  The content found here starts with the assumption that Christianity is true and builds form there.  It will feature short “tidbits” from the biblical text and provide commentary/reflection on its meaning as well as why it is important practically, etc.


This is where you will find all of our video content. Whether we help clear up misconceptions about Christianity, dealing with objections to its truth, lectures, all the way up to full debates, you will find it here!

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